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Service Descriptions

McAbee Medical Illustration provides visual solutions for the healthcare and scientific community.  The services include:

Anatomical Illustration

Surgical Illustration

Artwork showing normal and pathological human and veterinary anatomy for the purposes of education, rendered in a variety of media.  This includes traditional techniques such as pen and ink or colored pencil or digital methods like Photoshop or Illustrator.  Subjects are extensively examined and scrutinized in order to maintain total clarity and accuracy.


Typically a series of images that chronicle the steps of surgical procedures.  These illustrations may be line drawings in pen and ink or fully-rendered in traditional or digital color.  Unlike photography, surgical illustrations are devoid of unnecessary visual distractions at the surgical site (accessory tissue, blood, or instrumentation) and can selectively focus on the integral parts of the surgery needed for instruction.




2D and 3D animation is used to instruct and educate, but can also be used to inspire with striking visuals and dynamic motion.  Subject matter may be anatomical, scientific, cellular, or subcellular in nature. Animated sequences are created in Maxon Cinema 4D or Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects.




Images created to inspire, influence, or provoke thought or emotion.  These renders, drawings, or paintings may accompany a scientific journal or web/magazine article.  The subject matter may be depicted anywhere from hyperrealistic to abstract.​



Editorial Illustration

Interactive Media


iBooks and eBooks are increasingly becoming integrated into educational  materials because of the vast array of features that can be added to them, their accessibility, and ease of use. Animations, rotatable models, interactive illustrations, and review quizzes can be contained in one iBook.



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