Examining the Equine Tarsus - An Interactive Textbook for Veterinary Students

This book was developed to make sense of the equine tarsus (hock joint), an area that many veterinary students struggle to master. The equine tarsus is comprised of 5 joints and 6 tarsal bones, the distal end of the tibia and the proximal ends of the metatarsal bones. Because super-imposition of these bones and joints on radiographic views are particularly difficult to distinguish, students tend to use mnemonics rather than learn to recognize which bones are most easily discernible on each view.


To address these problems, this book includes a series of rotatable 3D models, animations, and self-testing opportunities that have been designed from the veterinary student's point of view. The client intends to compare the performance of two cohorts of students, one taught using traditional methods and a second taught using this book, to determine its impact. 


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